Why Play at the finest Live Casino Games

Live Casino are different Casino games where you play against a real dealer instead of a computer. Most people prefer this and find it feels more genuine and exciting, almost like playing at a physical casino. You get to see the Dealer spin the wheel or hand out the cards and you also get to see when they shuffle the cards and the like, many prefer this as it guarantees that it is chance that decides and that it is not rigged in any way.

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Why play Live Casino?

Live Casino is actually the games that have the highest RTP of all at a singapore betting sites, unlike slot machines which can be around 96% RTP so you can reach up to 99.5% RTP when you play Blackjack depending on your strategy. Many people also think that Live Casino is very exciting and that it feels like playing at a real Casino because you have that interaction with the dealer that you otherwise do not have with a computer. 

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Usage of strategy to grow winning chances 

There are many different strategies that can increase your chances of winning, a popular strategy at Blackjack is to use a so-called chart that tells you exactly how to act in different situations to have the greatest chance of winning in the long run, in in the end it is of course lucky but this maximizes the chances. 

Is it the same Live Casino wherever you play?

The various Live Casinos on offer are actually rented. They have dealers who hand out cards at a physical casino in front of a camera and then rent out these services to 96ace singapore that offer Live Casino. So even if you go in and play Live Casino at one Casino, you will probably come to the same dealer as if you were playing at another Casino as long as they offer the same Live Casino provider.

From here, the Casino broadcasts live

The various Live Casinos usually broadcast from a physical casino, where they stand at a table in front of a camera and a screen and deal for you who are sitting at home at the computer. On the screen, they see what you decide to do and if you write something to them, and that way they know if you want to hit, stop or the like. This has become increasingly popular lately as people find it more genuine and more fun than playing against a computer.

Play Live Casino online or at Physical Casino

There is no huge difference between playing Live Casino or playing at a physical Casino. Sure, you have a different feeling of actually going in and sitting down at a physical casino where you can have fun with friends and the like. In addition to that, it is almost actually exactly the same thing, you have a live dealer who is handing out cards to you, the same in reality as if you play Live Casino online. This is quite a matter of taste, some like to go out and have fun at a real Casino while others like to relax on the couch and play from their mobile phone or laptop.

Tips & Tricks when playing live casino

There are several different strategies, tips and tricks when playing live casino. You have to go into a little more specific strategies on the various pages at the top of the menu that apply to Blackjack , Roulette and so on. The first tip is to always make sure that you choose a good provider that you enjoy and that has a good reputation. Make sure you always stick to a gaming budget, it is very important to know when it’s time to leave the table, do not waste too much money but come back another day so maybe it’s better. Do not try to chase losses, it is very common to think that you only want to win back what you have lost, but then you risk losing even more. As mentioned earlier, you should leave the table and come back another day.